Friday, 15 May 2009

Catch-up week!

Woah! I fully apologise for the length of time that it took me to upload these photos! It's been a turbulent week. I'd still like everyone to know that I'm still taking plenty of food photos each day and today being Day 110, haven't missed a day yet.

Also, the winner of the last poll was a 5-way-tie:
Day 91 - Roast Chicken Wrapped in BaconDay 92 - SkittlesDay 93 - Green Curry LunchboxDay 94 - Zin Kau and Laba VinegarDay 96 - "Mother and Son" Rice
all with one vote each! I'm sure if 7 people vote, we'll get a 7-way-tie!

I will strive to upload a little faster and will also now be trying to work a little off-camera flash work into my photos. Stay tuned!

Sik Fan!

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