Sunday, 30 August 2009

Night-time Fun Relieves Boredom

Day 207 - Fried Rice Noodles with Beef Day 209 - Mixed Nuts

A tie this week, both my nights out: Day 207, Fried Rice Noodles with Beef in a Pool Hall and Day 209, Mixed Nuts in a SoHo Bar receiving 5 votes a piece. For those that know the stories one of these nights finished well, the other finishing not very well at all!

The new poll is already online for feel free to vote away!

Day 216 - Disney Dim Sum

Day 216 - Disney Dim Sum, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Each of these is a Disney take on a standard Dim Sum. The pigs in the back are (obviously) Char Siu Bau or Barbeque Pork Buns, which lead me to believe that the Toy Story aliens ones must have been Alien Meat Bun. Sadly mistaken however, these were Vegie Buns. The Mr Potato Head buns are Lotus Paste and the Mickeys in front are a twist on Onion Cakes. Good fun I suppose, but all my favourite Dim Sums were missing!

~Sik Mickey!!

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Day 215 - Lamington

Day 215 - Lamington, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

For lack of a better name, at home they call Lamingtons O Zhou Dan Guo or "Australian Cake". Pretty good but I was always more of a fan of the Vanilla Slice.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Day 213 - Just Right and a Coffee

Despite what the box says on the sticker in the corner, I've been eating Just Right for breakfast for the past couple of days. Much better than the Banana and Nut Crunch I had before that, but I still prefer a good muesli.

Breakfast. Most important meal of the day. Don't just take my word for it, Tony the Tiger says so too!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Day 212 - Ham Sandwich

Day 212 - Ham Sandwich, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Photoshopped to relieve boredom. Another light lunch at my desk after a lunchtime run.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Day 211 - Chicken Hot and Sour Noodle Soup

I'm guessing that this meant "hot" as in spicy and piquant, but it wasn't really that hot at all. Fairly good, but I think I would have preferred my old favourite, the Japanese Curry Rice.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day 210 - Chocolate Filled Waffles

These also come in custard and red bean flavoured varieties. Although the chocolate was good, I think that the custard is my favourite.

A Landslide of Cherries

Day 201 - Cherries

So the highly stylized, shiny, strobist cherries (Day 201) walked away with the contest last week, only 1 person who voted not voting for them! I'm quite pleased with how this photo turned out, and you can head over here to see a large version.

The new poll is up and ready to vote on.

Day 209 - Mixed Nuts

Day 209 - Mixed Nuts, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

I decided to go for something a little different today. Mixed Nuts and a pint of Stella Artois. Finally a Black and White image breaks into the 365 Days.

Day 208 - Handmade Fish Ball and Wonton Noodle

The wonton were good but the handmade fishballs were fantastic.

Day 207 - Fried Rice Noodles with Beef

Take away delivered to a pool hall. Not too bad at all.

Day 206 - Fried Rice Cake with Beans and Mushrooms

and other assorted dishes. Clockwise from top right: Tomato with Egg, Broccoli, Fried Noodle, Fried Fish Skin, White Fried Noodle and Green Curry. Probably the most surprising and delicious dish here is the Crispy Fish Skin. Highly recommended when you can find it!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Day 205 - Chicken Pie

Day 205 - Chicken Pie, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Tomato sauce in the background and mountains of broccoli in the foreground, but the detail to note is the pastry chicken baked happily right on top of the pie! Certainly beats a triangle or other abstract identifier.

...and the pie tasted pretty damn good!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Day 204 - Ham Sandwich

Day 204 - Ham Sandwich, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

A quick lunch after a bit of time on the climbing wall.

Day 203 - Homemade Wonton with Chilli Sauce

Super Spicy, Super Delicious.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Banana Split comes out on top... even without the Chocolate Sauce!!

Day 195 - Banana Split with Vanilla Ice-cream

Day 195 - Banana Split with Vanilla Ice-cream came out on top last despite the glaring absence of chocolate sauce. Voting is open now for the last week's photos.

~Vote away!

Day 202 - Sugared Doughnuts

Day 202 - Sugared Doughnuts, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

It's quite hard to find good doughnuts in Hong Kong but there's a Bakery in Sai Kung that does delicious sugared doughnuts and not a bad meat pie either.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Day 201 - Cherries

Day 201 - Cherries, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Another strobist set shot here. I love the small textual details on the cherries... or the ones in focus anyway!

Day 200 - Bangers and Mash

Day 200 - Bangers and Mash, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Unlike Day 100, I realised that I should do something a little different a couple of days before 200 arrived, instead of wishing that I had, as was the case for Day 100.

Unfortunately, upon arrival at the restaurant I choose for dinner on Thursday night, I noticed that the very dark interior would make for a rather difficult shot. Nevertheless I'm pretty happy with how this came out... Moody.

Despite Hong Kong being a ex-British colony, Fish and Chips are fairly hard to find at all, let alone good Fish and Chips. Since it's an favourite of mine (as evidenced by the number of times I ate it during my most recent trip there), and has been since childhood - we used to have it every Friday night - I've been systematically working my way through the "F&C" establishments in Hong Kong. This meal was another of those trips, unfortunately the photo didn't turn out quite as nice as the one above. I've decided to post it in the flickr comments anyway. Tender fish with crispy batter, okay chips, but perhaps a little overpriced.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Day 199 - Japanese Curry Pork with Rice

I keep coming back to this dish. It's very filling and great value; but best of all, it's consistently fantastic. The only thing that stops me from eating this everyday is that the blog would become very, very boring!!

~Sik Fan

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Day 198 - Char Siu

Day 198 - Char Siu, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Also known as Chinese BBQ Roast Pork. Pictured here through my wide-angle lens amongst other dishes as part of last night's dinner.

Char Siu is delicious. Soft and juicy for the most part with fantastic crispy over-cooked charcoal-y parts are well. But, like most things that are so delicious, it's not very healthy!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Day 197 - Sandwich in a Bowl

Day 197 - Sandwich in a Bowl, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Sandwich in a Bowl again today. It's a great option at the Sandwich Club ran Cafe at HKUST when I want something lighter than the roast or full-on rice or spaghetti options.

Eating at the Cafe also has the additional benefit of being able to sit outside which, even in the heat, is quite bearable so long as there's a breeze blowing.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Day 196 - Take Away Pizza from PizzaBox

A take away dinner tonight with two pizzas, a rice, a spaghetti and some snacks.

Here in Hong Kong, it's common for pizza places to shun the traditional tomato base and go with a thousand island dressing instead. The ham and pineapple pizza in the background here being an example.

Although it may not sound like a great idea, it's actually pretty good, and I imagine once people can get passed the false necessity of a tomato base, many other great substitutions will spring up.

Everybody Loves a Birthday...

I love mine...

Day 188 - Birthday Cake

... and you guys love mine too! - According to the latest poll: Day 188 - Birthday Cake, running away with the voting. I may be late with the last couple of days of photos, but at least the poll will be up on time.

Vote away!~

Day 195 - Banana Split with Vanilla Ice-cream

I was originally thinking to go all out and drizzle this with Chocolate Sauce... Not having any chocolate sauce sure put an end to that idea, but the dessert turned out great anyway. Delicious.

Day 194 - Tomato Minced Meat with a Fried Egg and Rice

After ordering this dish, while waiting for it to arrive, I thought back to Day 179 - the terrible pork in "Tomato Sauce" and was a little worried about what I'd done. As it turned out, I needn't have been worried, the biggest problem with the dish being that I wished there was more of it!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 193 - Raisin Bran

Day 193 - Raisin Bran, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Thinking back, there's very few photos of my breakfast in the 365 Days (so far). I think this is partially because my brain just isn't working that fast at that time in the morning, and I forget the photos. The other part is, of course, that I eat the same thing almost every single day!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day 192 - Black Pepper Beef with Fried Udon

Lunch at work today. Pretty damn good.

Day 191 - Homemade Wartip

Day 191 - Homemade Wartip, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Very similar to last week's Wonton, last night I made War-tip (better known as: fried dumplings). They're normally made with round skins as opposed to the square ones for Wonton, and with a slightly different filling. The key difference, of course, being that they're pan-fried instead of boiled in soup.

As you can see here we feasted on War-tip, with this large pan completely filled. Again, a little spicy chilli soy and this are simply mouthwatering.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Day 190 - McDonald's Fries

Day 190 - McDonald's Fries, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

Despite having very good sushi for dinner tonight I decided to opt for a slightly different photo than the regular fare. McDonald's Fries: crispy, salty, tasty... and likely to look exactly the same after 20 weeks of just sitting around. Gotta take the ups with the downs right?

Day 189 - Dinner at Home

Day 189 - Dinner at Home, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

A fairly standard type of family dinner with with Chicken, Curry and Choi and Tofu among other dishes. The biggest difference here, being the lens used to take the photo: my new birthday present!

Day 188 - Birthday Cake

Day 188 - Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

And free birthday cake at that. We had dinner at Pizza Express in Taikoo Shing on Saturday night. Despite being a little cautious about the fast-food nature of the name, I was very pleasantly surprised with this restaurant. Everything was good and the stand-out dish was the Peking Duck Pizza (which I'll post in the flickr comments), but I thought I had to post at least one photo of cake.

Day 187 - Beef with Black Pepper and Celery

We had dinner at Lin Heung Teahouse (蓮香樓) in Central, which is a fairly well known and quite old restaurant. We ordered Crispy Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork (on the right here), Fried Noodles with Sliced Pork (background), Eggplant with Minced meat (foreground), Choi and the Beef with Black Pepper. Nothing was a particularly stand-out dish but nothing was terrible either. Everything, however, was very Chinese, from the tables, to the service, to the elderly gentleman at another table that was constantly watching the gweilos eat.

Don doens't mean rice, it means rice ball...

Day 176 - Mochi Cafe Teriyaki Premium Pork Don

...or so I was told. But that didn't stop the Mochi Cafe Teriyaki Premium Pork Don from taking out last week's photo contest by a lone vote. Sorry about running a little late with the updates, birthday weekend and all... Because of this I've extended the voting deadline this week till Midnight Saturday (Hong Kong time). The new poll will be up shortly!

~Sik Fan