Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Day 43 - Bimbo Deluxe Caesar Pizza

Bimbo Deluxe on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy serves $4 Pizza all Weekday Lunchtimes and Sunday-Thursday Nights. What makes it an amazing deal, however, is the wonderful array of pizzas that they serve.

We had the Agnello: Spiced lamb with sultanas and pine nuts topped with fresh rocket; the Zucchine: Shaved Zucchini with mozzarella and semi-sun-dried tomatoes; and the classic Caesar: Caesar Salad on a pizza.


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  2. Hi Fitzroyalty,

    I'd sure be happy to contribute to a local news blog. Although I'm living in Hong Kong these days, I used to live just around the corner from Bimbos, on Fitzroy St, just north of Johnston.

    This blog is a "photo a day" type thing, and I'm not sure if I have too many others from the Fitzroy area (maybe this one: Day 47), but I do have a couple of items over on flickr if there's also some sort of album on the blog.

    I've gone ahead and added 'Fitzroy' and 'Brunswick' tags to both these posts. Normally, I haven't been tagging posts purely out of laziness.

    Unfortunately, I'm in HK at the moment, and I don't think I'll be back in Melbourne till next year some time, but feel free to link to these two posts at the news blog. I'll be sure to have a good look around on the blog when I have some free time!