Thursday, 29 January 2009

Day 2 - CNY Holiday Treats

Day 2 - CNY Holiday Treats
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So this is Day 2... Already my blog isn't up to date, but at least my flickr has had a photo posted everyday.

I was thinking that I'll try to get a new photo on Flickr everyday (so it might be the best place to look), and then blog about them when I have time, like now.

But I can also see some scenarios where I might not be able to update my flickr, say, if I go on a camping trip. I suppose this means that I'll have to rely on the exif date. So long as I have one photo from everyday posted up promptly, and the exif dates match, I think that's still okay.

But I'm certainly going to try to upload them onto my flickr everyday, as it's just more fun that way!

Wish me luck!

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