Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Day 259 - Take Away Pizza

Day 259 - Take Away Pizza, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

I've found that, for some reason, almost all the pizzas here in Hong Kong taste pretty similar. Normally, you can divide them into two camps: the tomato base camp and the thousand island dressing camp (yes, they use thousand island dressing instead of tomato paste on a lot of pizzas); and within each camp everything almost tastes the same.

It seems that in Australia, a Capricciosa is very different than a Hawaiian, is very different than a BBQ Chicken, etc. Possibly it's because pizza here is 'manufactured' and the taste standardized between branches and even chains, but in Melbourne, every small store has it's own style that they stick to.

I suppose it's comparable to Starbucks serving consistent coffee, it's not bad, but without that individuality, it just feels like there's something missing.

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