Thursday, 1 October 2009

Belated Poll Tie, No Internet Access and a Big Catchup

Firstly, apologies for the last posting of almost a week of photos. I was staying in TST with my parents while they visited. In this day and age, especially in Hong Kong, I would expect internet access to be a given, but unfortunately not! My week without internet access hasn't proven to be too big a drama, with the exception of not updating my 365 Days of Food. Rest assured that I have gigabytes of photos from the week, and plenty of those are food photos. I'll be editing them and posting them up asap, so prepare for the deluge!

Day 234 - Take-away Pizza and Potato Smileys Day 236 - Broccoli!

The poll from two weeks ago was a tie, with Day 234 - Take-away Pizza and Potato Smileys (the unhealthy option) tying with Day 236 - Broccoli! (the healthy option) - seems a balance is ideal!

When this weekend rolls around, I expect to have caught up and we can have a double sized poll for next week. Get those voting clicks ready!

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