Sunday, 6 September 2009

Day 222 - Roast Beef Sandwich

Day 222 - Roast Beef Sandwich, originally uploaded by JoeGray.

In so many ways this photo was, and wasn't, supposed to be for Day 222.

I was originally planning to run to work on Friday morning to escape the long queues for the bus that have occurred since students returned to HKUST. But when I woke up I found that it was pouring with rain, long enough for me to cancel my run to work and reschedule the run for lunchtime. Had that not happened, I suppose I would have headed out for a larger lunch with my colleagues.

So, I went for a lunchtime run. It it turned out to take longer than expected, so I decided to grab a quick sandwich. I asked for a tuna sandwich with extra mayo, getting instead roast beef. A simple miscommunication. Nevermind I thought, I'll get a good photo for dinner.

And indeed I did. I headed out to The Globe in SoHo, so I could enjoy a beer and watch the Bombers in the Elimination Final. Bombers lost. Booo. Not a bad looking photo. Yay. You win some, you lose some... right?

So the next day I plug the SD card into the computer to process my photos and update the blog: "Drive is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?"... err... Not really, I just want my photos.

So I pull out the data recovery software. 462 images recovered. Well, I had about a dozen photos on there, so that sounds fairly promising. Let's see... It seems that most of the recovered photos are ones I'd previously deleted. Nevermind, a few of these are the new ones. The jpegs are just plain grey, but it seems to have saved my RAW files. Super.

Attempt to open the RAW files: "Error: Unexpected end of file". Well, that sucks. But I can see the thumbnail? Seems the file header including exif data and embedded thumbnail has survived but not the actual images....

Except for a single photo of a beef sandwich for lunch...

Well, at least that means I don't have to skip a day! The extracted thumbnail from my dinner is posted in the comments on my flickr (click on the photo to head there). Looks like I'll just have to head to the pub for another Chicken Parma. Not such a bad outcome!

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