Friday, 6 February 2009

Day 12 - Hong Kong Style Barbecue

Today was the "Annual Retreat" at work, so we all boarded a bus at 9:30am that drove us to some random Baptist Church owned day-camp. We had pre-lunch address and then it was on to the Hong Kong Style Barbecue.

Due to the nature of the HK Style Barbecue it takes at least a couple of hours before everyone's had enough to eat, but it's more of a social process anyway.

After lunch we all headed off to different activities, which for me meant: Ropes Course!

All-in-all a much better way to spend the working day and perhaps I should petition to have a "Quarterly Retreat" instead... you know, to build team work and stuff...

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  1. this is a good photo joey boy
    was it yummy?