Monday, 16 February 2009

Day 21 - Cocktail and Raisin Buns

Yesterday I headed out for a full day on the rock at Central Crags on Hong Kong Island. This normally means that I pick up some bread in the morning to munch on for lunch.

A personal favourite is the locally invented Cocktail Bun which is a sweet bread loaded up with some buttery, coconutty goodness inside. It's super sweet and the perfect thing for that midday energy burst.

I read that this was originally invented by combining left-overs into a bun and the result was so popular, you can now find it any any bakery in Hong Kong. I've found that often the $3.5 version of this bread is much better than the $7, perhaps because a bit simplicity just adds to it. I recommend anyone that travels to HK to at least try one cocktail bun, it's a must.

The buildings in the background of this shot are the residential towers in Central and the Midlevels, which are at about equal hight to Central Crags. I wonderful place for a snack. Also note that both my buns are a little squashed from being jammed in my bag!

Sik Bau!

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